‘Passing’ (top left), ‘Benedetta’ (top right), ‘Bergman Island’ (bottom left), and ‘The Velvet Underground’ (bottom…

Crystal Moselle’s documentary ‘The Wolfpack’, Magnolia Pictures

In the pantheon of action stars, Michelle Yeoh is in a class all by herself

Michelle Yeoh takes control in ‘Police Story 3’, Media Asia

Pixabay TemperateSage

Michael Douglass and Sharon Stone star in the iconic erotic thriller ‘Basic Instinct’, TriStar Pictures

Al Pacino and Gene Hackman star in Jerry Schatzberg’s ‘Scarecrow’, Warner Bros.

‘Maid’ (top left), ‘Betty’ (top right), Phoebe Bridgers at Austin City Limits (bottom left), and…

Joaquin Phoenix stars in ‘Her’, Annapurna Pictures

Jon Alexander

Writer in Brooklyn.

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