Intruders Do Not Knock

I thought I would be safe here
Surrounded by close friends
And her comforting presence

Instead, a sudden confrontation
The shark’s fin appears again
Circling around the supper table slowly, a silent menace

The pythons escape from the Everglades
To slither across the floral wallpaper
Patiently waiting for the right moment to pounce

A window shatters in the next room
With ease, He enters
His black boots stomping on shards of glass

“Time to go now,” He says
Holding a bat’s head
Its eyes wide open, alert

Light bulbs flicker from above
As the chandelier ferociously swings back and forth
Shaking off centuries of collected dust

I stand and walk toward Him
When a familiar voice startles me
“Are you alright?” she asks

I turn to her, speechless, while they stare

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