I stood outside the door for five extra minutes
More than enough time
To pack a toothbrush
And slip on your boots
But you did not come

It is settled, then
Not all frogs leap
Some, in fact, stay put
Stuck to the lily pad
Waiting for the perfect moment, forever

I do not seek perfection
But I bake banana bread
And, in my back pocket, carry a few conversation starters
To ease your shyness at parties
Should you want to attend parties

I have, on my best days, patience
For women who do not follow me down the stairs
For women who do not follow me anywhere
Despite subtle flirtations
Daringly thrown in my direction

Like when you stretch your legs in front of me
And wiggle your big toes
A silent signal
Sent across the room in secret
We both want this to happen

Like when you clear your throat
Louder than most do
To capture my attention
Begging me to glance at you
A game I always lose

I should know better by now
Not all frogs leap
Still, I wonder, what will you do
When your lily pad wilts
And there’s no one around to show you how to swim?

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