On this new morning I awaken
For hot coffee with a splash of skim milk
These few moments of silence before emails are sent
And I am inundated by requests
To solve small business problems which, if left unattended
Wouldn’t alter the state of things

I slowly settle into my sacred nook
A simple space with limitless treasures
If you search long enough
You will find pleasures for all the senses here
Fresh chrysanthemums fill the air
As the Soundwalk Collective chants about enlightenment

The morning hours are precious
For the roads of possibility have not yet been taken
Cars remain parked in driveways
A time of stillness for all beings
Before bad choices are made
And bodies ache with regret

Like clockwork, the melancholy will creep in
As quickly as the coffee becomes cold
The morning cannot last
And the day, with its mundane disappointments
Must begin its inevitable undoing
Of all the futures I’ve come to dream

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